Storytelling guide

Writing genres hold the keys to diverse storytelling kingdoms

Writing genres are like different kingdoms in the vast land of storytelling. Each genre has its own rules, its own magic, and its unique way of captivating readers and listeners. This post aims to be your map as you explore these different kingdoms, helping you discover where your story truly belongs.

1. Discovering the Kingdoms of Storytelling

Genres are categories that stories fall into based on certain characteristics. They help set the expectations for the kind of journey you’re about to embark upon when you read, watch or listen to a story.

Just as different kingdoms have different landscapes, cultures, and traditions, different genres provide various settings, characters, and plot possibilities for storytelling.

1.1. The Rich Tapestry of Writing Genres

Genres are not limited to books. Screenplays have genres like action or comedy, songs can be categorized into genres like pop or country, and comics too have genres like superhero or fantasy.

A few examples of genres:

  • Fiction: Creating worlds and characters from imagination. E.g., Harry Potter series.
  • Non-fiction: Sharing real stories or facts. E.g., biographies or documentaries.
  • Fantasy: Diving into magical or otherworldly settings. E.g., “The Chronicles of Narnia.”

1.2. The Appeal of Different Genres

Different genres appeal because they offer different experiences, evoke various emotions, and provide diverse ways to explore human experiences and the world around us. For example, the mystery and suspense in Agatha Christie’s novels, the romantic allure in Taylor Swift’s songs, or the thrilling heroics in Marvel Comics.

2. Finding Your Narrative Throne

Experiment with writing in various genres, read widely, and watch different types of films and shows to discover what resonates with you. Trying out different genres can help find your narrative voice and expand your storytelling skills.

2.1. Blending Genres for Unique Narratives

Mixing elements of different genres can create unique and compelling narratives. For example, “Stranger Things” blends science fiction, horror, and coming-of-age drama to create a captivating narrative.

2.2. The Journey of Genre Exploration

Dive into different genres, learn from them, and don’t be afraid to blend them. Your unique mix of genres could lead to storytelling magic.

Online courses on platforms like Coursera can provide deeper insights into different genres. You can also join writing groups to share your genre explorations and gain feedback.


The exploration of writing genres is a journey that can lead to enriching storytelling experiences. As you venture through different genre kingdoms, you not only discover new narrative landscapes but also learn where your storytelling heart finds its home. We invite you to share your favorite genres or experiences in exploring different genres in the comments below. Your narrative kingdom awaits!